VectorWorks File Types

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VectorWorks File Types

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File Types (Mac)

Below a list of file types related to VectorWorks. This list might come handy to AppleScripters:

Standards are shipped with file suffix ".sta", exactly like Templates. The internal file type is nevertheless DO12, like any drawing file, and not DT12 valid for templates.
VectorWorks File Types
Version Drawing Stationery
12 DO12 DT12
11 DO11 DT11
10 DO10 DT10
9 MC9d sC9d
8 MC8d sC8d
7 MC7d sC7d
6 MC6d sC6d
4-5 MC+4 sC+4

Other file types

Extra File Types
Description Type
VW DWG document MDWG
VW Encapsulated Postscript EPSF
VW Text Document TEXT
VW Encrypted Text #TXT
VW Resources MCbh
VW 11-12 Workspace OEd3
VW 12 Plug-In MCmp
VW 12 Plug-In Command (bundle) OEmu
VW 12 Plug-In Tool (bundle) OEtl
VW 12 Plug-In Object (bundle) MCpa