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VectorScript Resources

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Common resources useful for developing VectorScript.


  • VectorScript Language Guide
    The core VectorScript Language, currently available VectorScript 11.5
    Download: VSLanguageGuide_11_5 (PDF 2.7 MB)
  • Using VectorScript Include Files
    Basic introduction on how to store scripts in external files. A bit dated, but still very useful for starting.
    Download: Includes (10 Aug 2001, PDF 52 Kb)
  • Secrets of the VectorScript Debug Masters
    Script Debugging.
    Download: DebugGuide (15 Aug 2001, PDF 244 Kb)
  • Using BBEdit and AppleScript with VectorScript
    How to use BBedit as external script editor thru AppleScript's "DoScript" command (MacOs only)
    Download: BBeditVS (15 Aug 2001, PDF 168 Kb)

Syntax colouring


  • List view for VectorWorks 11
    Graphical display of the list structure of a VectorWorks Document
    Author: Nemetschek North America
    Download Mac: ListViewMac11 (Mac: hqx 228 Kb)
    Download Win: ListViewWin11 (Win: zip 72 Kb)
  • Run VectorScript from the Clipboard
    Copy any valid vectorScript snippet from anywhere and launch the script from the system script menu. The vectorScript will be launched from the clipboard.
    Author: Orso B. Schmid
    AppleScript required (MacOs only)
    View: Run VS from Clipboard

Icon editors

  • Icononographer
    excellent editor, doesn't get updated since 2003, though.
  • Graphicconverter
    is not a dedicated icon editor, but can be used as well.
    workshop for doing icons with Graphicconverter: [1]
  • Gimp
    open source, free, extremely powerful application similar to Adobe Photoshop, perhaps better.
  • IcoFX
    Windows icon editor, free, very easy to use.

Third Party
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