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Ideally, VectorWorks would have switches in the interface for modifying VectorWorks' document preferences, much like the buttons on the constraints palette. In the absence of this, there is a way to toggle preferences via keyboard commands. This document explains both a simple script for switching various preferences and how to assign it a keyboard command.

A one-line VectorScript for switching the value of a preference is:

SetPref(index, NOT GetPref(index));

This sets the value of the indexed preference to the inverse of its current value. The indices for various preferences is listed in the Appendix of the VectorScript documentation. For example, Zoom Line Thickness has an index of 9. So our script to toggle Zoom Line Thickness would be:

SetPref(9, NOT GetPref(9));

To assign a keyboard shortcut, this script first needs to be made part of a plug-in command.

(Work still in progress)