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Questo utente è di madrelingua italiana

MC 4 User since MiniCad 4
w:) This user likes wiki markup.
This user is long-term beginner in VectorScript.
This user loves AND hates AppleScript.
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What am I doing here

My job here is to script extras for this wiki. Currently I am working at the following:

Geshi hack, Geshi highlighter hack
a hack to the Geshi highlighter and Geshi for allowing CamelCase option on VectorScript snippets and css styling. You can view the results in any page that contains a VectorScript snippet. For example here.
DynamicPageList hack
a hack to DynamicPageList for reproducing a list of pages including first chapter and sections. You find it in all Category pages, listing page and subcategory infos. For example here.
a little extension for easing up the usage of the AppleScript URL protocol. The extension allows to download on click an AppleScript applet directly to the script editor. Change the default of your script editor to Smile or Script Debugger if you don't wish to launch Script Editor everytime you download an AppleScript. This extension is available everywhere an AppleScript is used. For example here.
Currently I am developing some more functionality to achieve direct export as text and as FileMaker XML file.
development of CSS for the site. So, yes, I am responsible for the ugliness of some stuff. It will improve, I promise. I have so much to do.
these pieces of wiki-text that do magic. That preloads this and that. That saves you so much typing, if you get to use them. Use them. For example the userboxes on the right.


Older projects that I'm only seldom maintaining are:

Wiki previewer
(Mac only) Work in TextWrangler or BBedit and preview from there without the hassle of setting up MIME types in MacOs X. (Which is indeed a boring thing to do). There are a number of wiki-maintaince script that I would like to upload, Time given I'll do it.