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Setup Tasks

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'Installing VectorWorks'

Before Installing VectorWorks

When you are on Macintosh make sure to "Repair Permissions" Using the Disk Utility. It is my experience you can prevent a lot of misbehaviour on a later date, that way.
Disk Utility dialog klick here for a larger image

When you are on Windows, do NOT NOT NOT insert the dongle yet!!

Install VectorWorks

Simply follow the instructions of the Installer program on your DVD. Windows users take extra care. Insert your dongle only after the program starts asking for it. Installing the dongle too early results in Windows installing it's own driver wich is useless and maybe very hard to remove. The dongle despite all of its downsides isn't all bad. The dongled versions of VectorWorks (B-series) are actually crossplatform, one license number allows you to install on either Macintosh or Windows.

VectorWorks Application folder access
Get Info dialog of the VW application folder.Even if it was already set to "Read & Wrte" still klick "Apply to enclosed items". klick here for a larger image

Before you do anything else, just after installing your VectorWorks version make sure you have Read/Write access to the VectorWorks application folder. This is valid for all versions upto and including VectorWorks 2009.


Some resellers add extra software to VectorWorks. This is a good moment to install these extras. After that you can launch VectorWorks. Locate the Workspaces menu in your VectorWorks, you can find it under the File or Tool menu, and choose for the Workspace as supplied by your reseller. If you want to make addition or changes to a Workspace to create your own, your resellers workspace is often a good startingpoint. The manual covers the use of the Workspace Editor pretty well. Wait with editing the Workspace untill you have some experience with VectorWorks. In contrast, one of the first things you may want to do though is add an extra selection tool and assign it the Esc key, if your reseller didn't already do that. This is not possible on Windows, but it can be done on the Macintosh. This worked brilliant up to and including VW 12.5.3 but on VW 2008 and later the behavior of the Esc key has changed. Experiment with it, before introducing it to everybody in your office.

'Starting with VectorWorks'

The basic setup of a Vectorworks file includes the following taks. These tasks need not to be repeated each time you start a new file, you can save your file as Template in a folder Templates in your VectorWorks folder. Go to the Page menu: Units (image) Choose the appropiate units and accuracy. You may also want to set your Dimension Units (image).

In VW 2009 these are collected under the File menu under a submenu called Doucment Settings....

Now look under the File menu and choose the menu item called Save as Template.

Converting a Macintosh® Workspace to Windows®

For VW 2008 and higher you don't need to convert the workspaces anymore, make sure the file has the extension ".vww" and your "Other-Platform" friends can immediately use your workspace. For older versions of VectorWorks the Workspace file needs to be converted. The program QuickConvert by Dave MacLachlan does that. It also converts the Windows Workspace to Macintosh, so you can add the Esc key for a Windows friend.