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Shareable drawing components that are stored in ordinary VectorWorks files.

Importing Resources
Resources can be imported from closed or open files to the active file with the Resource Browser. Copying a resource to the clipboard and pasting to another file will import the resource to the active file. Resources can only be edited if they are part of the active file.

When there is a Reference from the active document to the document the resource is imported from, the imported Resource will be locked in the target document, and can only be edited from within the original document. (Copied Resources, will be placed in an editable, non Referenced way, unless the Referenced Resources is already present). In the image below you will find examples of Resources. You can see that the names of the resources are written Italic in the target document. Note how the worksheet's name is not Italic and therefore not Referenced. The same would be true for Symbol Folders, Script Palettes and Scripts, they can't be referenced either.