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An undocumented function: offsetPoly. Author missing.


<code=vss>FUNCTION OffsetPoly (h: HANDLE; dist: REAL; repeat: INTEGER; a: BOOLEAN; b: BOOLEAN, accuracy: INTEGER; c: REAL;): HANDLE;</code=vss>


Currently Undocumented Function, Given a handle to a polyline draws a offset Polyline with distance dist and returns a handle to the new polyline.


The following info is incomplete:
  • <code=vss>h: HANDLE;</code=vss> Handle to the polyline to offset from
  • <code=vss>dist: REAL;</code=vss> distance of offset
  • <code=vss>repeat: INTEGER;</code=vss> number of repeat offsets
  • <code=vss>a: BOOLEAN;</code=vss> unknown, has something to do with accuracy
  • <code=vss>b: BOOLEAN;</code=vss> unknown, has something to do with Polyline or Polygon creation
  • <code=vss>accuracy: INTEGER;</code=vss> increases the number of vertices
  • <code=vss>c: REAL;</code=vss> unknown
Function Result: HANDLE to new offset poly or a group containing the offset polys.

Example <pre=vss>NewPathHd:= OffsetPoly(LNewObj, dist, number, FALSE, TRUE, 50, 1);</pre=vss>

User Comments

"FALSE, TRUE, 50, 1" are the "experimentally verified recommended" values

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