Math-Trig Tan by Diag and Ang

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Given a DIAGONAL (d) and an ANGLE (ang), returns the length of the TANGENT. This needs the routine M_Trig_YbyXandAng to be loaded first. By Orso B. Schmid

{ Orso ************************************************ }
{ Trig: given a DIAGONAL (d) and an ANGLE, returns the length of the TANGENT }
{ this doesn't take into account cases where the tan is undefined: d > 0 and ang 90 and similar cases }
FUNCTION M_Trig_TanByDandAng(d, ang: REAL): REAL;
		{ d is the same as the x of a triangle where tanA is y }
		M_Trig_TanByDandAng := M_Trig_YbyXandAng(d, ang);