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VCOR - acronym for VectorWorks Collaborative Online Resource

Object Types Commented The list of all available Object Types with documentation and further analyzing (under construction) Add your own nuggets.
Example Library Open Source scripts stored on Vcor. The scripts are available for discussion and for modification. Share one of your own, if you like.
External Examples Links to Open Source scripts residing on other sites.
VS Resources Resources useful for VectorScript: syntax highlight add-ons, technical references...
Recent changes:
Third Party Developers
Commercials Short infos about commercial Add-ons. You are welcome to add your products here.
Free and Shareware Freeware and shareware tools and plug-ins.
Wish Items Dedicated to build up a section for the third party developers. How do you wish your section to be?
Recent changes:
Workflow Tips and tricks, how to, approaches for solving particular problems.
Glossary Explanations about VectorWorks terms.
NNA Resources A collection of available resources by Nemetschek North America
Recent changes:

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