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Layers can be seen as sheets of paper stacked on top each other. There are Design Layers and Sheet (or Presentation) Layers.

Important to this definition is the notion that Layers contain objects. In this respect the VectorWorks Layers are very unlike the Layers of AutoCAD, that behave more like the Vectorworks Classes.

Design Layers Versus Sheet Layers

Design Layers The Design Layers are the containers you actually draw in. In other CAD programs this may be referred to as 'Model Space'. When having multiple Design layers visible, they are always drawn from bottom to top. The Page Set-up is set for all Design Layers at once, but the scale may differ for each Design Layer.

Sheet Layers The Sheet or Presentation Layers are the layers that are meant for composing your output. The Sheet Layers contain View Ports, portals that display the content of the Design Layers in a chosen scale. Sheet Layers themselves, sometimes known as Paper Space, are always scale 1:1. The Page Set-up and dpi (used for rendered View Ports) can be different for each Sheet Layer depending on the output required.