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Procedure to create a List Browser's column that toggles data on click. Needs a list of data items loaded into the column to work, this you'll set up later. By Orso B. Schmid

{ Orso ********************************************* }
{ makes a LB that changes display on multiple clicks on cell }
{ USE display:
	1	kLBdsplImageOnly
	2	kLBdispTextOnly
	3	kLBdsplImageAndText }
PROCEDURE LB_ToggleColumn(d, LB: LONGINT; col, display: INTEGER );
		temp_b : BOOLEAN;
		temp_b := SetLBControlType(d, LB, col, 3); { kLBctrMultiState }
		temp_b := SetLBEditDisplayType(d, LB, col, display);