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Below you'll find information on getting started with editing and creating pages on Vcor. If you are completely new to wikies please consider this excellent Tutorial. It will save you a lot of time and frustration trying to achieve the desired results. For those already comfortable with wiki syntax, the Wiki-refcard.pdf might be useful — it contains a short summary of the principal syntax codes.

General rules

Below the main rules for VCOR, or any other wiki. Do follow these rules, please, as they allow optimal maintenance of the site, and last but not least, the proper acknowledgement of your work.

Please login before making any edits. Every edit appears in the Recent Changes, the RSS-feeds, and is recorded FOREVER in the vcor History. If you edit without logging in, only your IP number will be recorded. You'll miss credit for your work. Edits credited to just an IP will much more likely be overwritten. A name means much.
Use the Sandbox for your experiments
A link to the sandbox is always available on the Site menu on the left.
Preview before saving
Preview a lot. Saving after every little change clutters the Recent Changes page, making it difficult to distinguish meaningful edits from irrelevant ones. It also makes it harder to spot vandalism.
Fill in the Summary
In the edit tab you'll see a Summary field. Do not forget to describe shortly what your edit is about. If you don't and perhaps you even forgot to login, chances are you'll be taken for a spammer or a vandal. Your work might be reverted. Unsigned, uncommented edits are always checked by a sysop. You just make us work more, taking us away from more useful activities.
Look at other pages
If you are uncertain how to do something, look at the source code of other pages.
Sign your comments on talk pages
On the discussion tab, if you type three tildes (~~~) a link to your user space will be produced. Typing four tildes (~~~~) will add a time stamp.

The Help on VCOR

See Also

Anybody can edit and create new wiki pages on Vcor following the rules defined by the MediaWiki engine. Wiki syntax can be a little confusing at first. The following links should help you learn the basic wiki rules for editing.

Please see User's Guide for usage help.

  • Editing Tutorial fast tutorial about wiki syntax. The tutorial is meant for wikipedians, but it applies to vcor as well. Please use Sandbox instead of the one on Wikipedia.
  • Editing general editing rules for wiki,
  • MediaWiki reference card one page summary of important editing commands. Ready to print. The file can be downloaded directly here.
  • Editing FAQ frequent questions and answers.
  • Wiki Examples a collection of useful examples of wiki syntax.
  • Permitted HTML a list of permitted html tags. Please note that even if many tags are recognized by the present wiki, the use of wiki syntax is to be adopted whenever the choice is given.
  • Tables generating tables following the wiki syntax.