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A collection of links to shareware and freeware from third party developers. Please add your links.



  • AutoPlotVW (M/W)
    Set of macro commands for doing theatrical light plots with VectorWorks.
  • AutoPlot Tools (M/W)
    AutoPlot Tools for SpotLight is a set of macro commands that expand and enhance VectorWorks SpotLight.

Benghiat Lighting


  • Beam Draw (M/W)
    Interactively draw beams. The beam size and shape adjust as you drag or nudge the beam.

Daniel Belfiori


  • 4ViewEls 10 (M/W)
    Plug-In menu Item to create 4 View Elevations.
  • SetLCs10, SetLCs9 (M/W)
    VectorScript to set visibilities of Layers and Classes in one dialog box.
  • PageMind10 (M/W)
    VectorScript For VW10 To manage Saved Sheets.
  • Rotate Text Tool (M/W)
    Tool to Rotate selected text to a drawn line. Simplifies rotating text.
  • RFedit (M/W)
    VectorScript Diagnostic and Editing tool, creates Records worksheet.

Gerrit Van Oppen

Only plug-ins with English title are listed here, but there's many more. Check here.


Jonker & Wu


  • Clip Service J&W (M/W)
    Clip Surface only works with one cutting object. This can result in a tedious selecting and deselecting of objects when you need more then one hole in a surface. Obsolete since VW 11 and up can do it out of the box.
  • Convert Solids to 3D Polys (M/W)
    Converts all solids on the active layer to 3D polys. Can easily be modified to edit and exit broken solids or any other function that needs a 'user' browsing through all groups and symbols on the active layer.
  • Save Safe (M/W)
    VW 8 and 9: warns if the dongle is missing when you try to save.
  • Select Cumulative (M/W)
    In VectorWorks 9 a selection marquee deselects objects that were already selected. Coming from VectorWorks 8 this can be annoying. This tool doesn't deselect.
  • Set 3D View J&W (M/W)
    Set 3D View. The original functionality is restored in VW 12, making this function obsolete.



  • Scale & Rotate To Reference Line (M/W)
    This command scales and rotates an object by clicking on the start point and end point of a reference line then, a third click defines the new endpoint of the line. The object will then be scaled and rotated (about the line's starting point) to fit the reference line to to the new end point.
  • Scale To Linear Dimension (M/W)
    This command scales an object by clicking on the start point and end point of a reference line then, a dialog will ask for the length of the reference line. The object will then be scaled (from the line's starting point) to fit the reference line to to the new length.
  • Scale from Point (M/W)
    This command scales an object by entering the scale factor and clicking on the anchor point. The object will then be scaled from the anchor point.

Resolve Software Solutions Inc.


  • Sheet Layer Setup Command (M/W)
    This menu command provides a method for users to simultaneously change all sheet layers to use the document default page settings (Page Setup and Print Area).



  • Tape Measure (M/-)
    2D/3D automatic modes, slope percentage, azimut and elevation, etc.
  • Zoom Dynamic (M/-)
    Shows interactively what part of the drawing will be shown at the window when Zoomed.
  • Quick Align (M/-)
    Select the objects to align and choose a method
  • Center Page on Rect (M/W)
    enter Page on Rect is a fast and easy way to set the print area centered with a drawing border. Know issues: The PIO will fail with custom user origins.


  • Magic Wand (M/W)
    Select objects by different criteria
  • Chain Maker (M/W)
    Select and/or compose contiguous lines, arcs, polygons and polylines, with adjustable tolerance for non-touching objects.
  • Strech (M/-)
    Stretch 2D objects, groups and 3D objects(in top/plan) including 3D polygons, meshes, extrudes, multiple extrudes, floors, columns and roofs. No selection required.
  • Optimize Drawing (M/W)
    Purge overlapped lines and arcs. Compose lines, arcs and polys. Delete small objects(adjustable).


Authors who deposited plug-ins by VectorDepot are invited to add a link here (they are too many for one man only...)



  • VP Magic Wand tools (M/W)
    Select objects by attributes, class or type(Custom Selection with a click).
  • VP Simple Opening object (M/W)
    Like the old VW 8 wall opening, a simple object that can have it's attributes set by class to represent a beam, a wall interuption or hole.
  • Quick Preferences (M/W)
    Quick precerence toggles to Zoom Line Thickness , Eight Selection Handles, Associate Dimensions and Use Sound. Smoothing Angle setting.


  • VP Slab Object (M/W)
    Floor substitute object that lets you choose different classes for it's top, bottom and side faces.
  • VP Poly Clip tool (M/W)
    Like the VW Clip tool but with a polygon or polyline, and it can traverse groups!
    VP Multiple Extend tool (M/W)
    Extend many lines at once. Only changes the selected lines that will cross the indicated segment. Can traverse groups.
  • VP Worksheet object (M/W)
    Similar to VW 'on drawing' worksheet but can be ungrouped and exported

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