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External Examples

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Open Source scripts available on external sites (alphabetical Order by site).

Please authors care for maintaining infos and links.

Daniel Belfiori

  • Callout(db2)
    Simple version of the callout tool with some text styling features.


  • Rotated Rectangle
    The solution for the lack of an rotation angle field in Vectorworks Rectangle object. Obsolete. It is better to use Reshaper by Sirius Solutions. The object is still there, in case you want to tinker it.
  • Compiler mode
    Switch the compiler mode on or off to force VectorWorks to load a command each time you run it.


  • Combine Into Surface
    A replacement for MC's bogus "Combine Into Surface" command ... it will take any combination of selected arcs,lines, polygons, and polylines and combine them into a surface
  • PCS Move Commands
    Move commands that add a user (rotatable) grid to make move objects on rotated plans easier
  • Adjust Lines
    ©Julian Carr 1997.
    This command sets the pen thickness and colour of all SELECTED objects on the active layer
  • Lineweight Adjuster
    ©Julian Carr 1997.
    This command modifies the pen thickness of non horizontal and non vertical lines, walls and dimensions to compensate for MiniCAD's inability to print these lines at their designated thickness (non postscript printers and plotters). It works on all objects in a drawing including groups and placed symbols. Use it only once on a duplicate of your file.
  • List Classes
    © Petri Sakkinen 1994.
    Saves a text file list of classes for the current MiniCAD file.
  • Reset Text Blocks
    ©Julian Carr 1997.
    2 commands. The first is faster, but sets all the text in a text block to the same style as that of the first letter. The second is exceptionally slow, but maintains multiple text styles in one each block.
  • Toggle Preferences
    Command pallete you can import into you MiniCAD file containing a macros for toggling on and off different preferences in MiniCAD.
  • LayerInfo Proc
    ©Petri Sakkinen 1995.
    This puts layer info into a worksheet where it can be edited & with another macro 'executed'
  • Curved Wall
    1996 C. Hollinshead.
    The following macro allows you to draw "curved" walls in MiniCAD. The macro calculates the required end cap angles to create the appearance of a smooth wall.
  • Draw Brace
    Draws user-defined braces ( } ) for notes in MiniCAD
  • Join Line Proc 1.1
    A command for joining lines by consecutively picking them - similar to how the fillet tool operates.
  • Label Line
    It's a macro to make labels with attached lines, with or without arrowheads.

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