Dlog-Store user pref pulldown by index

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Procedure to store the last used pulldown menu choice by index in the file "SavedSettingsUser.xml". The preferences can be then read using the routine "GetSavedSetting" or using the subroutine D_LoadUserPrefPull. By Orso B. Schmid

{ Orso B. Schmid ************************************************ }
{ stores last used pull choice from SavedSettingsUser/XML }
PROCEDURE D_StoreUserPrefPull(pull_ID: LONGINT; XMLcategory, XMLelem: STRING);
		temp_s : STRING;
		temp_i : INTEGER;
		GetSelChoice(pull_ID, 0, temp_i, temp_s);
		SetSavedSetting(XMLcategory, XMLelem, Concat(temp_i));