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Backup copy for the Python scripts kindly made available by Dieter Geerts, the current version is hosted and maintained by Dieter: dieterdworks on Bitbucket

The code has been downloaded on the 6th February 2017 from bitbucket. More infos on

DLibrary Common library for VW plug-ins. It serves as a OOP wrapper around the vs calls and makes plugin development way easier, especially in setup and custom dialog creation.
DLegend This object let's you automaticly create a legend for your plans. The legend can be resized as needed and can be based on classes and symbols.
  • Resize as needed on the fly
  • Use on sheet and design layers
  • Use classes and/or symbols as source
  • Choose the scale of each symbol
  • Choose the shape of each class
  • Choose the scale for world based hatches
  • Various layout settings
DListClasses With this command, you can create a list of all classes in the drawing. An option for creating a symbol of this list lets you easily reference these classes to your library files. This way, you can manage all classes in one file.
  • All classes in a printable list
  • Choose the paper size and margin
  • Change the distance between the classes
  • Different text settings
  • Option to make a symbol from the class list
DProjectInfo Project info administration with automatic fills.
DRiolering With this pio, you can easily create sewerage plans, with many options to control the representation. Takeoffs are also included.
  • Different begin and end connection types.
  • Switch the path with a click of the button.
  • Option to show the direction of the sewer drain.
  • Option for the diameter on the path of the sewer drain.
  • Option for text on the path of the sewer drain.
  • All parts are classable.
  • Classes can be preset through types.
  • Labels for classification, to use in worksheets.
  • Intelligent and easy to use infopalette.
DUpdateTitleBlocks With this command, you can automaticly update all Drawing Borders with the date, time, page area and/or filename! An extra option lets you print after the update.
  • This command works in combination with the Drawing Border object
  • It works for all symbols with a record attached to it
  • Option to update the date
  • Choices on how to set the date
  • Choices on how to set the time
  • Option to update the filename
  • Option to display the filename extension
  • Option to print after the update