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You are welcome to add an introduction to your products here. The advantage compared to a static web site, is that users can comment and discuss your products more freely. Or answer each others questions in the discussion pages. Or you can post quick infos.

Additional infos up to any -reasonable- extent can be stored in your user pages. Check here for an introduction on how to create subpages in your user's namespace.

How to add a short info

You can add a short info here copying the lines below and replacing the data with your own. Paste -if possible- respecting the alphabetical order:

== My Firm ==
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| userpage= ~~~
  1. replace "My Firm" with your own firm name.
  2. replace "" with your own url. Please mind that what you write after the space is displayed instead of a nameless link.
  3. the three "~~~" will expand to your user name as soon as you save the page.

  • M = MacOs
  • W = Windows

Authors of commercial plug-ins are invited to add infos.

ConnectCAD Limited

Web: User Page: connectcad


Do you design connected systems? We can help!

connectCAD solves the problem of keeping tabs on the countless components of any interconnected system. Schematic diagrams, physical layout drawings and lists of connecting cables are combined in an integrated design package that transforms the tangle of a complex installation’s elements into a naturally evolving, cohesive yet adjustable structure.

Our product is a software add-on to Vectorworks® for designing broadcast, audio-visual, lighting and IT networks, as well as practically any other connected systems. It is founded on more than 20 years of international design experience. We take a direct, real-world approach to design, allowing you to easily respond to changes and make revisions with minimum effort. connectCAD gives you a massive increase in speed and efficiency, is fun to use and easy to learn. If you design connected systems, connectCAD will make your job a breeze and set your connections free!

For more info go to the connectCAD Home page


Web: User Page: Panzercad


Doodle! gives a much needed presentation features to Vectorworks. Simply select any objects in your Vectorworks file, run Doodle, and select the desired effects (including: Doodled [or wobbly] Lines, Globbly or Double-Stroke Endpoints, Pen Skip, Polygon Hatching or Marker Fills, Paper Texture, Etc).

For more infos go to the Doodle! Information Page

Viewport Pack

  • Time Saving Viewport Navigation Commands that can automatically place a crop reference object when entering a viewport's design layers.
  • Quickly convert Saved Views into Sheet Layers with viewports. Instantly gets an existing document (containing saved views) up and running with viewport technology.
  • Create Views from Viewports: Converts viewports to Saved Views. Useful for exporting files back to older versions of Vectorworks.
  • Easily organize and manage layer and class visibilities for Saved Views and Viewports
  • Create a worksheet (or exported spreadsheet data) displaying layer and class visibilities for all viewports and Saved Views in a document.
  • Easily transfer multiple classes (including their attribute settings) to other documents.
  • Create, and switch between, multiple sets of class attributes in a single document.
  • Place viewport crop reference objects onto a design layer.

For more infos go to the ViewPack Information Page

Sirius Solutions

Web: User Page: MullinRJ


Reshaper™ is a VectorWorks® Menu Plug-In command that significantly enhances object editing. Reshaper™ handles 22 basic 2D and 3D object types and offers many ways to edit these objects that are not available through the standard VectorWorks® User Interface. See our Adobe Acrobat comparison chart.

For more infos go to the official Reshaper™ site.

Software Customization Services

Web: User Page:
Software Customization Services Charles

Land Planning

For sub-division layout and light-duty civil engineering


For 2½ axis milling and plasma cutting

Info Editor

For easy access to data in the drawing

Merge Organizations

For transferring class, layer, and view settings from one drawing to another

Class~Layer Visibilities

For quickly restoring saved visibilities of classes and layers

Split Classes or Layers

For splitting layers imported from other CAD systems into VectorWorks classes & layers

For more infos go to the Products Page at Software Customization Services.