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Complete list of all sub-routines available on Vectorlab.

Here I start sharing a large part of my own library of sub-routines. This will help you creating new ones. Please contribute sharing whenever you feel that one of your routines is secure enough. Orso B. Schmid 14 May 2009 (MEST)

  • some of these routines are not perfect. If you find an error or have an improvement, transfer the old routine to the discussion tab, comment your changes and place the improved routine in the main page.
  • most of these routines are simple. If you just think enough, you'll come to the same routine.
  • a few of these routines are not simple and took a lot of research to be shaped as you find them.

If you don't know what a subroutine is, please check the page Using Subroutines

Each of the routines listed in the category VectorScript Subroutines is available under the MIT licencing, if not differently specified. Using the routines you accept its terms.

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