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Alert: "the selected object has no edit behavior"

While I am drafting, when i click on any object, no matter how precise I am, a box with the useless warning, "the selected object has no edit behavior" appears. I have to click the "ok" button to continue each time. How do I get this problem to go away?
You can't. What you can do is to check Display minor alerts on mode bar in VectorWorks Preferences -> Session. Then you'll get rid of some dialogs, this one included.
As a rule you get an edit mode status double-clicking a container (group, viewport, symbol....) or path object (polyline, polygon...), but not for primitive objects, like lines, squares and so on, which you can edit simply reshaping them. With the experience you won't find yourself encountering these warnings any longer. For this reason I would rather suggest you to stick to keep the previously mentioned preference unchecked, in order to gain a feeling of how the application behaves. --NIL 00:49, 13 June 2007 (PDT)

best practice for detail library within VW

I am trying to accumulate details from my firm's projects so we don't have to go back into each drawing to copy and paste details. I would rather have them as a symbol with in a file titeld detail library. What whould be the best practice way to 1)organize this library, i.e. title of symbol or record information 2) best way to search the library. Any comments welcome.

I wouldn't so much use symbols for your detail library, I'd rather use references. This would allow you to load the files very fast in any other drawing and keep/modify them as you please. Seldom are details really portable.
VectorWorks 2008 allows for Design Layers Viewports, so you can practically treat your details as symbols. Consider.
Should you nevertheless have details you know to be standard enough to be saved as symbols, you'll definitely appreciate the new VectorWorks 2008 feature: the management of resource is greatly improved and the browsing of external documents has become a breeze.
Again, VW 2008 allows for a much more advanced sharing of resources for client users in the new Workgroup Folder. This is a folder which is shared across a network, for example, and reproduces the one you might know already in the Application and User's folder. You could create your own "Object Sampler" folder over there and then both use the files as reference or as favorites in the Resource Browser.
Please do not think that I wish to sell you the new upgrade. I don't sell software. But this is the best upgrade we ever had.

--orso 07:51, 18 September 2007 (MEST)

Agreeing with Orso here, I'd like to add that records will store the information about the details much easier. I believe symbol names can grow up to 63 characters in length still a record with a few fields is easier organized and maintained.
You can make record with fields like: Building type, function, Materials, position of the detail. Then create report to store all record info from within 1 document in a worksheet. Using WorkGroup References you can collect all worksheets of your different library files within one document and show them on layer. This document should, of course, be one of your favourites.
Make sure to place | Hyperlink.pio next to each worksheet so you can immediately open that file without searching.
There is an advantage to preying on old projects, too. The details are always up to date reflecting the state of the art at the moment of that project.

--Gerard Jonker 07:51, 18 September 2007 (MEST)

Numeric keyboard view shortcuts

I have an HP laptop yet learnt Vectorworks on an ancient PC. What is frustrating me is that my numeric keyboard view shortcuts do not work on the laptop. I have tried to activate them in the settings, turned on the number lock, googled it, searched in VW help.... pulling my hair out. Does anyone know how to activate the numeric keyboard?

Many thanks

ouch. Cannot help you there. At one point I did change keyboards settings deep hacking an old PC but I must say that this is not recommendable. Most applications will get troubles after that. I guess that if you are under VW 13, you can still use the Views menu in the data bar. Alternatively you could buy one of these external number pads, they should cost around 15$ or less. I am considering it myself for having the numberpad on the right, closer to the tab key. Sorry. --orso 08:24, 22 November 2008 (MET)

viewported object draft

I am currently having an issue with VW2008 when we rely heavily on viewport layer referencing (VPLR).

The source file for the VPLR is in good order - objects appear in the intended places, relative to one another and to the origin.

However at some point, the objects 'drift' away from their positions (often layer separation differenciate the groupings of objects moving about) especially when we set-up a 'print file' to funnel VPRL in to a presentation format for working drawings/contract documents.

The current work-around is to open a totally new file, import the layer names and the objects and save over the old file.

Is anyone else had this experience?


Hello Aaron, a couple of questions first:
  • with VPLR you mean a Design Layer ViewPort using external files as source?
  • You checked the origin in both the external file and current file and it is not shifted? --NIL 08:18, 18 May 2009 (MEST)

Assigning custum IFC data to a symbol

Hi community,

I am creating a custom symbol for a project which needs to be shared via IFC.

I have modelled the object and converted it in to a symbol, I have also assigned additional data to it by using the ‘record formats’ function. I want to be able to export the symbol in IFC format with all my additional data attached. I have managed to convert it in to an IFC object but I can’t manage to assign the custom ‘record formats’ data to the IFC export.

Can any one let me know how to do this?



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